Car Safety Buckle Special Seat Belt For Pregnant Women

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Subheavy oppression of fetus
When a normal seat belt is used and impacted, the pressure from the waist will directly acton the fetus. The safety of mother and child is under threat
Baby safe and stress free
When using apramo pregnant women's safety belt, the protection position changes and theforce moves down to the pelvis when impacted. The abdorinai cavity is rot stressed.

Product information:

Product name: Safety belt for pregnant women
material: plastic
Specification: 21*9*6 Belt length: 2.1 meters
Color: light green, light green, black, white, pink, purple
Packing size: 21*8.5*6.5cm
Gross weight: 295g


Anti-stroke safety seat cushion tyre belt belly support belt

Packing list:

Plastic safety belt for pregnant women*1



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