Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device
Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device

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Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device

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Problems that this product can fix

Signs of skin aging are obvious, wrinkles, double chin, fat, loose skin, dullness, dryness, enlarged pores, oily and sensitive skin.

Function description

EMS: Apply low-current massage and relax muscles, enhance skin activity, and help skin care products penetrate into the skin, keep the skin moist, achieve the effect of removing edema and lifting and firming, whitening and rejuvenating the skin, and reducing wrinkles.

Cleaning : clean deep pores, shrink pores, reduce spots and acne, and solve dull and dull skin,Promote the regeneration of perfect skin.

Warm :Heating massage can promote skin circulation, improve skin elasticity, and restore skin brilliance and vitality.

Lifting :Warm massage promotes absorption, promotes collagen regeneration, wakes up and relaxes the skin, stretches wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, accelerates metabolism, restores cell vitality, and skin becomes more plump and smooth.

Modeling instructions

A graceful appearance (such as a dolphin tail) is very suitable for neck and face lines. It is also suitable for shoulders and other parts of the body. Help relieve lymphedema.

Before and after use, results are effective in 28 days

3 Colors

1) Red light: can effectively penetrate deep into the skin to the bottom of the skin, improve skin dullness and reduce wrinkles

2) Blue light: It can promote the synthesis of collagen, activate the skin, tighten the skin, shrink the pores, and significantly improve oily and sensitive skin

3) Green light: it can improve the alternate function of cellular oxygen utilization, promote circulation function, dredge lymphatic and drainage swelling, and have a calming effect on the skin

4 Modes

EMS Firm Skin Mode(EMS)
Target crowd: people who stay up late, have poor rest, swell and show signs of aging

Skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle mode(Cleaning)
Targeting the crowd: people with blackheads, acne, acne, and large pores.

Temperature sensing pull up mode(Warm)
Targeting the crowd: people with dryness, lack of collagen, and loose skin.

Neck face hide wrinkles mode (Lifting)
Targeting the crowd: people with oily skin, sensitive skin, and dull skin

High-frequency vibration massage

High-frequency vibration massage, with a frequency of 11,000 per minute, increases the restoration effort. The effect of 1 week is greater than the effect of other models of 2 weeks.

45℃ heating mode

Treat the face and neck with blue, green and red at 45°C, which can help the skin care product absorb the skin, lift the neck and tighten the skin.Speed up blood circulation, open pores, regenerate cells, and promote collagen growth.

Use 5 minutes a day

Use it with skin care products for 5 minutes a day to increase the absorption rate of the skin and increase the efficacy by more than 2 times.


Usable parts: face, neck

Tighten the neck skin and improve the smooth curve.Return your delicate skin.

Neck use steps

1. Evenly apply skin care products to the neck.
2. According to personal needs, choose the mode. The massage head is pulled up and down from the bottom of the neck.
3. Massage is also needed on the back and neck. Use point / squeeze / stroke / push at the acupoint.

Facial application steps
Same as above

HJY-1000 VS traditional smear skin care products

1). Skin care products can only clean the surface of the skin, but HJY-1000 has powerful high-frequency vibration technology, which can deeply clean the inner layer of the skin.
2) The effective time of skin care products is very slow, but the three color lights and four modes of HJY-1000 can take effect quickly and double the care effect.
3). Skin care products do not have the massage effect, but HJY-1000 has the popular EMS micro-current massage technology, which can quickly promote cell regeneration, slow down aging, and regenerate collagen.
4.) The temperature-sensing lifting technology is unique to HJY-1000, prompting the neck curve, quickly forming a swan neck and reducing double chin.


Material: ABS + PC

Vibration frequency: 11,000 times/min

Heating temperature: 40℃/45℃

Charging voltage: DC 5.0V

Rated current: 0.5A

Rated power: 2.5W

Battery capacity: 750mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Power supply: USB charging

Product size: about 126.2 * 92 * 37 mm

Package Included:

Package Included:

1 *Multifunctional beauty instrument

1 *Charging cable

1 *User Manua